Sponsor a hound

Sponsoring one of our hounds provides a valuable source of income to the Hunt and a simple and easy way to become more involved with the Hunt by following your hound’s progress and achievements through the season. Sponsors receive a mounted photograph, and a unique enamelled badge designed by Chris Adams and only available to Cotswold Hound Sponsors.

Sponsorship is now open for those who wish to re-sponsor hounds from previous Seasons. Re-sponsorship costs just £25 (no photograph or badge).

Sponsorship is also open for those who wish to sponsor Entered Hounds (up to ’16) without previous sponsors. New sponsorship costs £30 and includes a photograph and badge.

Sponsorship of the Young Hounds (’17) will be available after the Puppy Show.

To sponsor a hound for the 2017-18 Season:

  • Please go to the Hounds 2017-18 page to check which hounds have been reserved and which are unsponsored.
  • Make a note of the name(s) of the hound(s) you wish to sponsor, or re-sponsor, for 2017-18, then email hounds@cotswoldhunt.org.uk with the name(s) of the hound(s) and your preferred method of payment.
  • You may pay by bank transfer (which we would prefer), or cheque. Payment by PayPal, credit card, or debit card, will be available after the Puppy Show.
  • You will receive a reply, generally within 24 hours, confirming your reservation and providing the information you will need to make the payment.

Page updated: 25 June 2017