Foot followers and ATV users

The Joint Masters request that all our foot followers purchase and display a car sticker. These cost just £20 for a complete season, with all proceeds going directly to the Hunt, and are on sale at the Opening Meet and most Saturday Meets during November.

The Joint Masters also encourage all our foot followers to become members of the Cotswold Hunt Supporters Club.

Whilst following the Hunt, please:

  • Do not stop or park your car on a corner.  This is likely to obstruct the free passage of a normal road user, and nothing is more infuriating for a busy motorist than to be held up by inconsiderate people following a Hunt.
  • Do not stop your car in a gateway, road junction, drive entrance, opposite another car or by a jump.  Take care not to park on neatly mown verges outside homes.
  • Switch off your engine as soon as you stop.  Road followers have to depend so much on hearing that a car with the engine running can be a real nuisance.
  • Always open a gate for the Huntsman as quickly as you can, and help by opening and closing gates for the mounted Field.
  • Shut any gates which have been left open, unless tied open.
  • Assist others to return escaped stock – cattle  or sheep – to their field.
  • Pass the time-of-day with local residents and visitors. Remember that not everyone appreciates, or understands, hunting, particularly visitors to our Country, and you can be a great ambassador for the sport with an open and friendly attitude.
  • Children should be supervised at all times.
  • ATV guidance is available here:
  • As general rules ATV users should consider not carrying passengers unless the vehicle is specifically designed to do so, driving on roads unless suitably licensed, wearing appropriate safety clothing and undergoing suitable training.
  • ATV users should not crowd horses or hounds and switch off the engine if they approach or seem distressed by your presence.

Page updated: 25 October 2015